STICKII - Tarra-arkki - Epoxy Black Crystals

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STICKII - Tarra-arkki - Epoxy Black Crystals

Ihanat STICKII tarrat sopivat bullet journaliin, kalenteriin, muistikirjoihin ja muihin paperiaskartelu juttuihin.

STICKII tarrat ovat laadukkaita ja joista tulee mieleen vanhanajan paperikaupan tarrat.

Materiaali: PVC muovia

Tarra-arkin koko: 9 x 17 cm


STICKII (sticker+kawaii) is based in Los Angeles, CA. It was founded in 2016 on the principle that everyone has their own unique style so we offer a variety of exclusive stickers to choose from. We believe stickers are not only for kids but everyone who appreciates being creative. These stickers are more like little works of art - use them for crafting, to decorate cards, bullet journal, or for any creative projects. As we say here at STICKII: It's not just stickers, it's happiness overload.