Pipsticks - Traveler Notebook Vihko - Find The Magic

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Pipsticks - Traveler Notebook Vihko - Find The Magic

Upean ihana Pipsticks vihko Traveler's notebookkiin tai yksittäiseen käyttöön.

Vihkossa tyhjät blanko sivut.

Traveler's notebook vihkon koko: 10,9 x 20,9 cm


This Pipsticks travelers notebook is the perfect size to carry with you everywhere! Its blank inside (with a pretty stitched binding), and fits standard sized travelers notebook cases. Use the notebook to journal, scrapbook, or keep handy for all your brilliant ideas notes! The Sunset Splendor Traveler Notebook Collection includes:1 Leafy Wonderland Traveler Notebook by Pipsticks1 Starstruck Traveler Notebook by Pipsticks1 Sky, Earth & Fire Traveler Notebook by PipsticksTraveler notebooks measure 4.33'' x 8.25'' each.