Papermate Flair Felt Tip Kynäpakkaus - Pastel 12

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Papermate Flair Felt Tip Kynäpakkaus - Pastel 12

Kynäpakkaukseen kuuluu 12 huopakärkistä ( kärjen paksuus 0,7 ) kynää, joissa on vesipohjainen muste.

Nämä ihanat kynät sopivat piirtämiseen ja kirjoittamiseen.


The Flair® family confirms its highly recognizable features: contemporary design, ideal proportions, and expressive lines. Ideal for everyday writing and drawing! The new pastel range is relaxing on the eyes and a delight to write or draw with. DESIGN An ink that is water-based and resists smearing, blobbing and skipping, and won’t bleed through paper. The felt tip is smooth to write with, and the metal pocket clip means you can take it wherever you go.