PAPAYA - Muistilehtiö - Little Legal Pad - So Special

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PAPAYA - Muistilehtiö - Little Legal Pad - So Special

Papayan muistilehtiö.

Sisältää 50 kaksipuolista helposti irrotettavaa sivua.

Tämä tuote sopii hyvin myös kirjepaperiksi.

Koko: 15 x 11 cm


The Little Legal Pad is a small tablet-sized version of our classic lined legal pad. Perfect for keeping track of to-dos, grocery lists, or your next big idea! These cute beauties are small enough to be stored on any office desk, school table, dorm room, home office, or junk drawer and beautiful enough to add a little flair to any work station.

  • 100% recycled paper
  • Perforated tops for easy tear pages
  • Metallic rose gold binding
  • Double sided, lined pages with unique full color illustrations
  • Convenient size for carrying in purse, backpack or briefcase
  • 50 pages of soft, premium, quality paper